Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bags, Bags, Bags!

I don't know about you, but I am a sucker for a great bag. Something that stands out, goes with every outfit, and just makes me happy:) First is the Hobo Trinity Bag...beautiful in every way. It's a great size, shape, and has just the right amount of detail. Recently carried by Taylor Swift, it's no surprise why this bag is worth the splurge!(Available in Black, Mocha, Sage-shown, and Aubergine) Then there is the Lucky Brand Clutch on Fire. This versatile bag has a removable strap long enough to wear across your body.(Available in Black, Teak-shown, and Capri) Next is this striking Lucky Brand patchwork bag. Big enough to carry anything you could possibly need, and colorful enough to spruce up any Neutral Nancy's wordrobe. Which one is your fav??


  1. SO CUTE!! The first one is totally my favorite. :)

  2. as a fellow sucker for bag, come and check out my blog:)

  3. I was in the store the other day from out of town and LOVED it! I saw a bag that I regret not getting and it was hanging by the dressing rooms and it had the brand Cowboy? Where do I get this? I loved it!