Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Shoe for Every Foot

I must admit that I am usually into bags and jewelry much more than shoes when it comes to accessories. That, however, is not the case this season! We have so many cute new styles coming and I cannot wait to snag a few for myself. Here is a taste of what has arrived, and what will be coming soon.( From top- Frye Alessia Artisanal T-Strap, TOMS Kenya Wedge, Lucky Brand Fallin Sandal, and Frye Tamara Buckle in Sapphire.)


  1. I stopped by the shop this evening and loved the window display. I met a frequent custumor also looking, and we chatted. She said i would love the store. Intown for one night, leaving tomorow (monday) 11 o'clock. I need a pair of shoes. I would like toms. i saw themin your window. i will come to your store tomorow hoping someone will be there early and maybe i could shop before 11 o'clock. I'll check the blog in a little while to see if this is possible,

  2. I modeled those blue heels for you, courtesy of Rebecca Downs Photography and myself. Hope you put the photos to good use.

  3. Do you have a size 7 in the blue Tamara?